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Levothyroxine & Fractures (Posted: 2011-09-14)
Atypical Antipsychotics Linked to Life Threatening Reactions (Posted: 2011-09-2)
FDA Warns Against High Dose Citalopram (Posted: 2011-08-24)
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Bisphosphonates & Esophageal Cancer (Posted: 2011-08-5)
Antibiotics May Reduce COPD Exacerbations (Posted: 2011-08-3)
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Aranesp / Procrit Prescribing Information - Updated (Posted: 2011-07-12)
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Are Two Antidepressants Better Than One? (Posted: 2011-07-12)
Fentanyl Nasal Spray (Posted: 2011-07-4)
FDA Approves Oxecta (Posted: 2011-06-25)
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Finally...Generic Levaquin (Posted: 2011-06-22)
High Dose Statins & DM (Posted: 2011-06-22)
Actos and Bladder Cancer (Posted: 2011-06-19)
Chantix and Heart Risk: (Posted: 2011-06-18)
Medication Errors and Mixups (Posted: 2011-06-14)
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Cell Phones and Cancer Rsik (Posted: 2011-06-7)
Calcium and Osteoporosis (Posted: 2011-06-7)
HBA1C & Dialysis Patients (Posted: 2011-06-6)
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ARBs and Cancer (Posted: 2011-06-5)
Overmedication in Nursing Homes (Posted: 2011-06-3)
FDA Approves New Medication for Diabetes (Posted: 2011-06-3)
Pioglitazone & DM (Posted: 2011-06-1)
Diabetic Neuropathy (Posted: 2011-06-1)
Inhaled Anticholinergics and Urinary Retention (Posted: 2011-06-1)
FDA Approves New Treatment for C. difficile (Posted: 2011-05-31)
FDA Approves Telaprevir (Posted: 2011-05-23)
Heart Risk As A Result Of Anemia Medications (Posted: 2011-05-12)
Adult Immunization Schedule (Posted: 2011-05-11)
Pristiq & Postmenopausal Women (Posted: 2011-05-7)
Generic Vytorin (Posted: 2011-05-7)
Pills or Inhaler for Asthma? (Posted: 2011-05-6)
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Brand Name vs. Generic Warfarin (Posted: 2011-04-27)
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New Zostavax Approval: (Posted: 2011-03-31)
Iodine (Posted: 2011-03-17)
FDA Warns Against Long Term Use of PPIs (Posted: 2011-03-4)
FDA Adds 13 Drugs To Watch List: (Posted: 2011-03-3)
FDA Removes Unapproved Medications: (Posted: 2011-03-2)

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