FDA Approves Viibryd for Major Depression (Posted: 2011-01-25)
FDA Approves New Topical Lice Treatment (Posted: 2011-01-24)
Early Use of Antibiotics & Asthma: (Posted: 2011-01-24)
Rifaximin & IBS (Posted: 2011-01-24)
Lexapro & Hot Flashes (Posted: 2011-01-19)
Atyipical Fractures and Bisphosphonates: (Posted: 2011-01-19)
Chronic Constipation Guidelines (Posted: 2011-01-19)
NSAIDs and Cardiovascular Risks (Posted: 2011-01-19)
FDA limits Acetaminophen Content in Rx Medications (Posted: 2011-01-15)
Generic Lipitor? (Posted: 2011-01-8)
Lamotrigine & Sudden Death nin Epilepsy (Posted: 2011-01-6)
Complementary Alternative Medications in Children: (Posted: 2011-01-5)
FDA Approves Chewable Oral Contraceptive (Posted: 2011-01-5)
Problems with GSK (Posted: 2011-01-3)
Once Yearly Bisphosphonates and Atrial Fibrillation (Posted: 2010-12-29)
Dosing Levothyroxine at Bedtime (Posted: 2010-12-29)
Stroke Prevention (Posted: 2010-12-15)
Calcium & Vitamin D (Posted: 2010-12-8)
Darvon / Darvocet Removed From Market (Posted: 2010-11-19)
New Experimental Cholesterol Medication (Posted: 2010-11-17)
Multivitamin Prostate Claims (Posted: 2010-11-10)
Pyschosis and Fish Oils (Posted: 2010-11-3)
ESAs and Cancer (Posted: 2010-11-3)
H1N1 Virus (Posted: 2010-10-25)
Major Fentanyl Patch Recall: (Posted: 2010-10-23)
Botox Approved for Chronic Migraine Headache (Posted: 2010-10-23)
Generic Ambien CR (Posted: 2010-10-23)
Pradaxa - Atrial Fibrillation (Posted: 2010-10-20)
Swine Flu Unlikely (Posted: 2010-10-13)
Meridia pulled from the market (Posted: 2010-10-8)
New Oral Contraceptive (Posted: 2010-09-25)
New Formulation of Aricept (Posted: 2010-09-25)
Avandia (Posted: 2010-09-23)
Oral Insulin (Posted: 2010-09-18)
Exelon Patch (Posted: 2010-09-17)
Influenza Virus Vaccine (Posted: 2010-09-8)
Santyl Ointment (Posted: 2010-09-8)
Insomnia & Non-Drug Treatments (Posted: 2010-08-30)
FDA Approves High Dose Aricept (Posted: 2010-08-24)
Expanded Indication For Cymbalta (Posted: 2010-08-21)
New Drug Disposal Bill (Posted: 2010-08-20)
Vitamin E & Dementia (Posted: 2010-08-4)
23MG DOSE OF ARICEPT APPROVED (Posted: 2010-07-30)
Drug Disposal Bill Advances In The House (Posted: 2010-07-30)
Generic Lovenox (Posted: 2010-07-26)
Important Safety Alert (Posted: 2010-07-26)
Generic Catapres TTS Patch (Posted: 2010-07-22)
New Drug Approval (Posted: 2010-07-21)

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